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Narrator:        This is one of the oldest tales from Indonesian, long time ago when the land was made out of small villages. In one particular household there was an old man who had two wives, each with their own beautiful daughter. Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. The old man eventually passed away and shortly after, a tragic accident befell to his first wife, leaving Bawang Putih at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and half sister. One Monday morning, Bawang Merah woke up and felt very hungry, she went to the kitchen.

BM:                 “Uuaaahheemm,,,, I feel so hungry! Why is here no food at all? Mom…..mommy….!!!”

Step Mother:   “Yes Bawang Merah, what wrong? Why you are yelling so early in the morning?”

BM:                 “I’m hungry mom and look at this mom! The kitchen is so dirty. Where is the ugly girl  mom? Tell her to make breakfast for me!”

Step Mother:   “Putih? Maybe she is still sleeping. I will call her! Putiiiihhhh……..!!”

“Come here! Why are you still sleeping until now? Do you know what time is it?”

BP:                  “Sorry mom, I was tired and over slept”

BM:                 “I don’t care. I’m hungry!!! I just want to have my breakfast! Right now!!!!!!!!!”

Step Mother:   “Okay, Putih you have to make breakfast for my beloved daughter and wash the entire kitchen dishes, quickly!”

BP:                  “Yes mom I will prepare breakfast for her.”

BM:                 “Mom, can you please tell her to make it quick!”

Step Mother:   “Yes my dear, she is like a snail! Can you please wait a moment?”

BM:                 “Okay mom. But tell her to make it quick!”

Narrator:          After preparing breakfast, Bawang putih rushed away to the river and wash all the kitchen dishes, she walked towards the River near her house. Arriving in the River, she immediately washed the dishes and met with young lady

B.O:                “Wow, it’s wonderful day! But I have to wash all my dirty clothes. It will make me tired.”

BP:                  “Excuse me, may join with you?”

BO:                 “Sure!”

BP:                   “ Thanks, by the way, I never seen you before here, are you new comer here?”

BO:                  “Yes, I am new comer  here, last week I moved here, my name is Bombay, and what is your name?”

Bp:                   “ Putih, nice to meet you!”

BO:                  “Nice to meet you too, by the way, I see you look so sad? What happened with you?”

BP:                   “ Yeah, I have a little bit problem with my family.”

BO:                  “ Ohh,,, if you have problem, you can share with me. We are friend alright.”

BP:                   “Thanks Bombay, you are very kind.”

BO:                  “Ok don’t feel sad again! Putih, do you know the handsome boy from next village? He is very handsome”

BP:                   “Who is he?”

BO:                  “He is Elias, do you know him?”

BP:                   “No, I never seen and heard about him before!”

BO:                  “Really?? You never met him? He is tall and has perfect body and good smile, even though he has dark skin, but still cute.”

BP:                   “But, I don’t know him”

BO:                  “Oh,,,, forget it! Ohhh,,,,, my God,  I have to go home now, my mother will worry if I come late”

BP:                   “Okay, see you later, bye!”

BO:                  “Bye,,,, take care!”

Narrator:         The young lady went home and Bawang Putih continued her work while daydreaming. She was not aware if Bawang Merah’s mug was being away by the current of the river”

BP:                  “Why I’m so unlucky? I just wish my parents were still here, maybe I won’t be like this.”

Narrator:          “After washing the kitchen stuff, Bawang Putih back home. Elsewhere there was a handsome man named Elias who was fishing in the river.”

Elias:               “Oh, I think today is not my lucky day! I already sitting here from 5 hours ago, but I haven’t got a single fish yet! Oh, poor me! Oh,,,,,, wait, I think my fishing rod catch something! What is this?”

Narrator:          Elsewhere, the garlic was arrived at home and Bawang Merah standing in front of the door waiting for her.

BM:                 “Putih, I’m thirsty and need a glass of ice tea. Make it for me, remember, you have to use my red mug!”

BP:                  “Yes sister, wait a minute! Here it is (carrying a glass of ice tea)”

BM:                 “I told you to use my mug, why are you using this mug? Where is my mug?”

BP:                  “Sorry sister, I lost it when I washed the kitchen dishes in the river.”

BM:                 “What???????????? You said you lost it? How dare you are! Stupid girl! Now, I don’t want to hear any reason, you have to find it now!”

Step Mother: “Eiihh,,,,,what is wrong Merah? You look so mad?”

BM:                 “Do you know what mom? She lost my lovely mug!”

Step mother: “Really? How dare you are”

BP:                  “Sorry mum, it was accident!”

BM:                 “Shut up! I don’t want to know, the main thing you need to find is my mug and do not dare go home if you haven’t found it. Understand?”

Step Mother:   “Yeah, you go now!”

BM:                 “Yes……..”

Narrator:          Bawang Putih felt so sad and went to the river while crying, and there was a fairy came close to her.

Fairy:               “Oh dear, what happened with you? Why are you crying alone here? Are you looking for something?”

BP:                  “Ahhhh,,,,,, who are you?”

Fairy:               “I’m fairy that comes here to help you! Btw may I know your name, please?”

BP:                  “I’m Bawang Merah and I’m looking for my half sister’s mug”

Fairy:               “Why are looking it here?”

BP:                  “Yes, because I lost it when I washed the kitchen dishes in the river this morning and now I have to find it soonest, but I couldn’t”

Fairy:               “Oh,,,,, poor you are! Don’t be sad dear, you will find it later, promise me.”

BP:                  “But how? I already walk through the river, but nothing”

Fairy:               “Calm down, I will help you just go back to the river again, you will meet with someone there.”

BP:                  “Thanks so much, fairy!”

Narrator:          “The fairy was disappeared and Bawang Putih went back to river and meet with a young boy”

Elias:               “Hi, what are you looking for? You look so afraid and sad!”

BP:                  “Yes, I’m looking for a mug that my sister has it.”

Elias:               “Wait, is it a mug that has red colour?”

BP:                  “Yes, exactly right! But how do you know?”

Elias:               “Just a second, I will be back!”

BP:                  “Wait, for me! Did you see it?”

Elias:               “Is this your mug?”

BP:                  “Yes, this is my sister’s mug! How do you find it?”

Elias:               “I just found it in the river when I was fishing.”

BP:                  “Thanks so much for your kindness and I have to go home now!”

Elias:               “Wait,,,,,, just want to know what is your name!”

BP:                  “My name is putiiiihhhh!”(while running)

Elias:               “Putih, nice name same like her, will I met with her again?

Narrator:          Suddenly the fairy came

Fairy:               “Hi handsome boy, what are you doing here just talking by yourself?

Elias:               “I just met with beautiful girl with white t-shirt

Fairy:               “Wow, sound is good; any way is she Bawang Putih?”

Elias:               “How do you know her? And who are you?”

Fairy:               “I’m fairy and she is my friend”

Elias:               “Oh really? Would you like to accompany me to her house?”

Fairy:               “Yes of course!”

Narrator:          Elias and fairy went to Bawang Putih’s house while Bawang Merah arrived at home. Her step mother was sitting on the chair.

Step Mother:   “Where did you go? You leaved the house like this?”

BP:                  “I’m looking for Bawang Merah’s mug in the river”

BM:                 “Putih,,,,,, where is my mug?”

BP:                  “Here it is!”

BM:                 “Give it to me!”

Step Mother:   “Next time never lost anything that Bawang Merah has”

BP:                  “Yes Mom, I promise I never lost anything again”

Narrator:          “Suddenly, Elias and the fairy in their house”

Elias:               “Excuse me, is this Bawang putih’s house?”

Step Mother:   “Who are you?”

Elias:               “I’m the handsome boy, from next village”

BM:                 “Wow, so handsome! Mom, I want him to be my husband.”

Step Mother:   “Calm down honey, he will be your husband, believe your mom.”

Elias:               “Excuse me, can somebody answer my question?”

Step Mother:   “Oh…… this is not Putih’s house, here just me and my beautiful daughter”

BM:                 “Hi, my name is Merah!”

Step Mother:   “She is my beautiful daughter”

Narrator:          Bawang Putih went home with sad face!

Elias:               “Hi, Putih! are you Putih alright”

BP:                  “Why are you here?”

Elias:               “I’m looking for you!”

BP:                  “What for? Do want to say something?”

Elias:               “Come here, follow me!”

BP:                  “What are you doing here?”

Elias:               “I would like to say something to you.”

BP:                  “What is that?”

Elias:               “To be honest, when the first time we met, I felt something different. I’m falling in love with you.”

BP:                  “What are you talking about?”

Elias:               “Would you like to marry me?”

BP:                  “What is  that ????”

Elias:               “Ups Sorry this is my lunch, so once again would you like to marry me ?”

BP:                  “I…I…I…Can’t ….refuse you Elias. Yes I do.”

Elias:               Really.

BP:                  “yes.”

Elias:               “Yes..Yes..Yes…!”

“So, do you love me too?”

BP:                  “Yes, of course”

Elias:               “Thanks, I promise I will make you happy forever”

Narrator:          Finally, Bawang Putih and Elias got married. Bawang Merah felt jelous and mad with Bawang Putih, but she can’t do anything. Bawang Merah make apologize to Bawang Putih and they stay in Elias’s house Happy ever after.



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