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ZOMBIE July 3, 2012

Filed under: Fun Games — onilearning @ 5:25p07

What You Do

  1.  One player is a Zombie. Every other player is a Corpse. The Zombie is hunting for Corpses that aren’t really dead.
  2. Before the game begins, the Corpses spread out around the room and lie down. Corpses avoid capture by pretending to be dead and not moving.
  3. The Zombie can’t touch the corpses, but the Zombie can talk to Corpses to make them move. Laughing, smiling, opening your eyes, and cringing all count as moves.
  4. If the Zombie sees a Corpse move, the Zombie captures the Corpse and it becomes a Zombie. The new Zombie search for more moving Corpses.


Number of Players: 3 or more

What You Need: Nothing

Where to Play: in a room

The point: keep still or be turned into a Zombie



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